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megan and neil’s discovery park engagement.

meganneilblog-7Over the winter, we did a lot of Skyping new couples while we sweated it out in Thailand. We’d be chatting happily with strangers, meeting for the first time online– and hoping they wouldn’t notice that we were in our underwear from the waist down and that my mascara had long since melted off.

It was one such phone call that we met Megan and Neil, and we immediately had the sense that these were our future-friends (you know… the ones you can be like “I literally am so sweltering that I cannot put on pants” and they’ll be like “It’s not even hot out here and I don’t have pants on either.” So the kind of kindred-spirits we jump up and down about after we hang up the Skype call).

Megan posted a photo from this shoot and said we made them “feel like what we imagine magically finding a billion dollars in our laps would feel like,” which is PRECISELY how we feel about finding people like them. They love each other like crazy, their relationship has been tested by fire, they keep emerging victoriously, and on top of all that, they look like a couple of damn models.

A little wander into the water at sunset, bomb backdrop provided by Discovery Park.
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