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Give a Shit: Find the Light

I think I might have screeched out loud a little bit. We had just shot a couple getting ready for their wedding in a hotel room– the usual suspects of small windows and messy wedding parties and strange lighting over the bathroom sink (don’t get us wrong– shooting your life in all its glorious reality is so awesome, BUT…)– later that day we discovered the secondary option at their wedding venue: a huge, airy, spacious place that would have created images that went way above and beyond the normal wedding prep shot. (Enter: me, dying a thousand deaths slowly)
Brides. Grooms. General humanity. If we could give one piece of advice that would help you create the bomb images that you dream of, it would all boil down to this:

Find dat light, baby.

window-2I want to say something dramatic like “Ignore scene. Ignore convenience. Sacrifice everything at the altar of beautiful light.” But here’s the deal: your wedding day is not about the photos, or the flowers, or the dress, or the venue. The miracle of finding your buddy in this world and promising yourself to them is the center of everything.

However, that’s also why setting your own scene is so important. You don’t just create the framework for great photos when you consider the light in a venue. In seeking out the best light (and the best shadows), you also create a beautiful environment for the two of you and all your loved ones to exist in. It creates its own magic.

Your top priority should be getting married (duh). But if your photos are important to you, start to think about your day like your photographer does: in a series of lighting scenarios and how to maximize them. Things like:

-Am I getting ready in the most natural-light rich space possible?

-Is our ceremony happening in the broadest daylight, or can I find a way to create shade for the wedding party and our guests?

-Am I scheduling our bride and groom portraits for golden hour or slipping them in where it’s convenient?

You’re hiring your photog to be on point with all of these details throughout the day, and there’s just no such thing as the perfectly lit wedding (beeeeecause this is real life, not a movie, thank goodness). We are obsessed with having as many details as possible covered for you before the day even begins, which is why we brought the Wedding North Star into the world. But the more you consider where you’ll be throughout your day, and how you can maximize the day for your photos, the more wiggle room your photographer will have to create the images that make your grandkids say “OMG grandma were you a model?” And you can smile and say “No… just well-lit.” window-3