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Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars (!)


Late one early October night, an email landed in our laps… We had been on the road for over a month, shooting weddings in several states, sleep-deprived and full of inspiration and already feeling like this year was one of the best of our lives. Tim and I were in a small town in France, debriefing one last time with our Moveable Feast team before our inaugural retreat began (which is a whole different story: we’d created this thing from the ground up, and were in a daze that our hard work had actually led to something real and new in the world. There is no better feeling!). We’d been working nonstop, were about to head into another 100 hour week, and were already drinking champagne with our people (because hello, France) when Rangefinder sent us a message.

We were one of the 30 Rising Stars of 2016. Selected from a hyper-talented list of nominees from all over this big old world. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HELL? 

We downed our champagne, danced like crazy people (with a lot of pelvic thrusts), and then sat down and got right back to work. Because at the end of the day, The Work™ is the thing we love the most. We love creating things with you. We love trying new things and feeling scared and taking leaps and all the shaky uncertainty that comes with this. We love how we never really take a day off, because the work is so ingrained in us. We love the long hours and the intense emotions and the labor that takes up our whole heart and soul because you know what? This photography thing is a crazy gift, and we don’t want to waste it. And if you don’t love the work, the work will never quite turn out right.

And as nice as awards are, and for how blown away we are that this happened, the real thanks is for you. For our couples who put their faith in us before we had a single image to show for ourselves, for the ones who nod happily and let us try any crazy thing we want, for the ones who cheer us on and have supported us quietly, I’m crying from gratitude for you today. We don’t feel worthy of the faith you have in us but we will keep working our asses off to live up to what you’ve already given us. It feels incredibly crazy and validating and head-rushy to receive an award like this, especially being from a city where you can throw a stone and hit a half dozen photographers who are more talented than we are, but really… we’re just here for our couples. And when a bride emails us tearfully and tells us how much her photos have meant to her, THAT’S where it’s at for us. So we’ll keep putting our heads down and doing the work, because for us there’s nothing better.

Thank you, thank you. Hearts are bursting. Cheers to leaps,

Laura (and Tim)

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