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whitney & raz… & one more en route

Guess what! Whit and Raz are havin’ a bébé!

And since none of us go in for cheesy maternity photos (I mean seriously people are still making hearts out of their hands over a baby belly? Count us… out for that one), the four of us trekked to Greenlake on an empty, downpouring Sunday to celebrate a lil rooomance. Which also happens to include a lil bump. These two love each other in a way that makes me tear up when I scroll past them on Instagram and makes everyone around them a lil better. Happy baby announcing, you sweet things.

PS. If it’s pouring on the morning of a shoot, you just cross ya damn fingers that your clients are cool with getting their blowout wet, and Whit is my dream girl for playing in the freezing rain and not worrying about anything but loving on her man-piece. Hell yes.