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Seattle Elopement

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Megan & Neil

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Brooke & Sean// Cle Elum Wedding

For 99% of weddings we shoot, there’s this moment before the first look when Tim has one person all ready and I have the other person all primed to go tap them on the shoulder to say hi for the first time, and I whisper something like “take your time, it’s just you and your Person now” and out of all the parts of the wedding day that can get me to cry, that little moment is always the worst.  THE WORST. I can barely finish it and just trail off and gaze off into the distance like I’m cool when really I’m trying super hard not to blink. Because the feeling when you are finally with your buddy and you remember that all the pomp and circumstance that a wedding can become is really, at its core, just you and your Person saying yes to each other and starting the forever hangz… that is so big.

Brooke and Sean’s first look was like that, except it was 7 degrees out and I think my tears froze directly onto my face, but don’t worry, their reception was totally lit as the kids say. If the bride hops up on stage to belt out “Ain’t No Other Man” with the band (and the lead singer bows down in adoration) you know you’ve got yourself a  good one.

These babies are so special to us. Brooke and Sean, ya did it.


MUA: Tracie Parker

Hair: Tara Hogan

Dress: Johanna Johnson

Venue: Swiftwater Cellars

Bomb ass band: Atomic Pop

Paper Suite: Deb Coughan