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micaela & billy// waterfront wedding in Seattle

Just a queen, owning a kingdom, getting ready for her waterfront wedding in Seattle.
Sometimes couples email us and it’s an an instant crush on our end. Micaela sent us THE MOST charming note about being our stalker, her multi-philangied cats, and her high school sweetheart Billy who had just become her fiance, and I was like “I’ll do anything to shoot your freaking wedding… except we’re booked on your potential dates. Also, one million crying emojis. How can we make this happen?” And the next thing we knew, they had changed their date. As if they weren’t already dreamy enough.

After the funnest engagement sesh we headed into their wedding day, right on the shores of Lake Washington, ready to party (yes, they got married right next door to the nude beach at Denny Blaine Park, and yes, we included butt shots of random floating passersby in their final album). Scroll to the bottom to see the very first photo Micaela shared of their wedding day– not the classic first kiss, buuuut one of Tim taking a shot of gin with the newlyweds at the end of the night. Some people just get it, more badass Seattle weddings like this one please.

Ok, starting off: prep time in separate rooms of a Lake Washington mansion. Gorge.
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(28of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(33of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(40of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(56of720)_seattle wedding.jpgFirst look at the ivy covered walls. WHAT IS THIS, EUROPE OR SOMETHIN.
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(100of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(96of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(132of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(120of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(139of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(147of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(112of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(160of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
Back inside and ready to do the dang thing. Sweet Micaela was so nervous before the ceremony.  The sight of her best friend and father propping her up before she walked down the aisle is one of my favorite memories from last year’s wedding season. Such a genuine and honest moment just moments before they headed out to the waterfront wedding ceremony.
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(291of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(325of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(340of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
gif-of-waterfront-wedding-ceremonymicaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(375of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(180of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(191of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(250of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(258of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(377of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
Every single face in this photo makes my whole week.micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(423of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(431of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(504of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(513of720)_seattle wedding.jpg And one last portrait session on the water before heading back in to dance. High school sweethearts start dating during the most awkward years of our lives… can you imagine falling in love at 15 and then both of you wind up being total babes? I mean… that’s just good solid luck IMHO.
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(593of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(613of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
The first photo Micaela shared from their wedding day. Shots of gin with Tim at the end of the night. This girl is the QUEEN I tell you.

micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(676of720)_seattle wedding.jpg
Micaela and Billy, y’all throw a hell of a party and we are SO HONORED to have been included. Thank you for changing your date, for getting married in the most beautiful city in the world, and for loving each other and everyone around you so beautifully.   Your waterfront wedding was da bomb!micaela-billy-sullivan-and-sullivan(688of720)_seattle wedding.jpg

Planner: Pink Blossom Events

Dress: Theia

Suits: Ted Baker

Rings: Seattle Diamonds

Hair: Charbon Salon

Makeup: Chelsey Matley

Catering: Kaspars

Band: Blue Wave Band

Florist: Fena Flowers

Paper Design: Letters By Ellen