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sonia & chris// at home in chicago engagement

sonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(11of140)_seattle wedding.jpg

I don’t know how some people DO IT, Y’ALL. I mean, how do you work all night in a demanding medical scene, nap for an hour, and still somehow find the strength to make a few Dark and Stormies at 11 am in your gorgeous Pilsen kitchen?! Sonia and Chris, two Seattle babies who found their way to, and are feeling at home in Chicago, aren’t just cute, they’re smart as hell and apparently can live on no sleep. Every time I take a nap I think, “wow, I bet Sonia and Chris have never experienced this before.”

By the end of this shoot in freezing Chicago, we were drawing up the paperwork to have these two adopt us. I’m gonna make a paper chain countdown til their wedding this summer because mama can’t wait.
sonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(13of140)_seattle wedding.jpg
sonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(19of140)_seattle wedding.jpg
sonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(54of140)_seattle wedding.jpg
sonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(9of140)_seattle wedding.jpg
sonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(28of140)_seattle wedding.jpgsonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(79of140)_seattle wedding.jpgsonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(68of140)_seattle wedding.jpg

sonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(110of140)_seattle wedding.jpg
sonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(96of140)_seattle wedding.jpg
sonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(93of140)_seattle wedding.jpgsonia-chris-sullivan-and-sullivan(122of140)_seattle wedding.jpg


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