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Happy Pride Month, and a mini rant.

Happy Pride Month, you beautiful babies!

It’s a crazy backwards world we live in when friends and mentoring clients from all over the country often ask us if we lose followers or clients when we post about our same-sex couples. For many photographers in other areas of the world (including our little pocket of the Pacific Northwest), sharing images of their same-sex couples means they risk losing business– but the alternative is hiding who they really are, or only sharing images of straight white couples (and as a straight white couple we’re here to say that this is boring as hell haha). We’ve had photographers share stories of couples cancelling on them when they found out the photog is gay, second shooters quitting when they learn a wedding is same-sex, the stories just pour out of people when this topic comes up. And in light of the Supreme Court ruling last week (at the beginning of Pride Month! Of all freaking times!) I have MANY thoughts about this:

1) I’m not worried about losing clients. I’m worried about same sex couples not being sure if we support them or not. This entire world is made for straight people to feel comfortable, being a part of that status quo is a deal with the devil that we’re not interested in.

2) We have a small but mighty online community who stands up for “ underrepresented loveness” (thank you for this phrase Seth and Kaiti) and are loving above all. If you’re reading this, thank you for being a part of this space and for supporting every relationship equally.

3) If y’all do have a problem with same sex, interracial, whatever kind of couple… don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

4) We aren’t naive or blind. Even in our faux progressive corner of the Pacific Northwest, we are well aware that it is still an unsafe world for so many people and couples. If you’re in a place where it isn’t safe to come out, to share your love story quite as publicly as so many straight white couples get to, to express yourself freely… know that you have allies all over the world and that the long arc of history bends toward justice. And send us a DM so we can cheer for you privately, even if your neighbors aren’t. We love you ❤