Yep, Megan’s wedding JUST hit the blog but I could never get tired of seeing her face so we’re doing a Double Megan Whammy this week. Because guess what. She had a different wedding dress last summer, when we conspired to do this sneaky shoot of her in her original bomb feathered dream.. A last minute […]

After Megan and Neil’s wedding last month, we realized we could cull our wedding advice down to two basics: 1) love each other and 2) find the light. When we showed up to these sweet thangs’ prep rooms (two different floors in a bodacious Pioneer Square loft! How genius) I half-fainted at the floor to […]

In Seattle, we never ever cancel shoots because of the weather. In Chicago, if we kept the same policy, we might die. But in between snowy days that I’ve never seen in the PNW before, when the city shuts down for holiday and you have the run of the land all to yourselves, you gotta […]

“I like the music of his voice.” Texas belle Jessi. On her way to see her French husband to be Baptiste for the first time on their wedding day. We’re in the car murmuring about all the ways that love becomes a little miracle when you had to cross oceans and geography and culture to […]

Yo dudes. There are some shoots that I scurry home and edit and then make thrusting motions all over the office for three days because our couple was JUST. TOO. DAMN. GOOD. Not trying to be overeager here but after Natasha and Doug’s engagement photos in good old Georgetown, I went home and made a paper chain countdown […]

“Anyone who can leave the Yucatán with indifference has never been an artist and will never be a scholar.” -Claude-Joseph Désiré Charnay, 1863 We were deep inland in the Yucatàn exploring the Spanish colonial streets of Mérida when we were ushered through a back alley, past an outdoor grill filled with smoking chili peppers, through a velvet […]

Well folks, we found out that there are multiple Panama Cities, and that apparently one is in Florida. No offense Floridians, but that’s hard pass when places like Casco Viejo in the ORIGINAL Panama City are up for grabs. Katy and Eric told us they wanted to meet us somewhere in the world this year […]

Ahh, the dulcet tones of the sound of your own voice… yikes. Last autumn, as we were scoping out the Yucatan peninsula for this year’s Moveable Feast, we had the amazing good fortune of appearing on a podcast that is EXACTLY our cup of tequila. The Half Hour Intern (run by our insatiably curious hero Blake Fletcher) […]

There are some little crises that being a full-time wedding photographer brings on in my darker moments. I get a little panicky that I’m not photographing refugees as often as I used to, not sharing the big personal stories that pulled me into photography in the first place. Like, is another photo of bridal flowers […]

I can’t help that I cry at everything. Usually during weddings, I’m so focused on getting the shot right that I don’t let myself sit still long enough to get weepy (not like my normal life, when I cry with equal unhinged abandon at Microsoft commercials and the old lady across the street getting her […]

For 99% of weddings we shoot, there’s this moment before the first look when Tim has one person all ready and I have the other person all primed to go tap them on the shoulder to say hi for the first time, and I whisper something like “take your time, it’s just you and your Person […]

When we first dreamed up the idea for Moveable Feast, we KNEW that we had to launch in the south of France. Ah, the olive branches! The patina! The laid back and artistically vibrant history! And most importantly, the chocolate croissants. The hunt began for the right castle (that’s a normal thing to do on […]

Colin was off on a hike when Kristin first realized she was in love with him. It was a dark and stormy… day, so the story goes, and Colin was getting soaked deep in the Enchantments while Kristin looked at the window at the rain and worried herself sick. When he finally got back to civilization, […]

My best friend Marlo got married to her man-piece (Tam-piece?) and let us wear Reformation bridesmaid dresses and Tim photographed the thang and we drank too much wine and cried a ton and danced with a spandex-clad bride and sang karaoke at the corner bar when it was all over and seeing my best friends happy […]

We’d never been to St Louis, but Sarah promised us we would love her city. She acts as a one-woman cheerleading section for her scrappy adopted town, and sure enough, we fell in love right alongside her. After their rad engagement shoot last January, we knew the devil was in the details for Sarah and […]

The islands off the coast of Washington are absolute perfection. Coming from Chicago, where all land is totally flat for miles, the fact that a place exists with snow-capped mountains, pristine beaches, and dense forests still blows my mind. Kari and Ben got married at the exact same place we shot our first wedding (her […]

Guess what! Whit and Raz are havin’ a bébé! And since none of us go in for cheesy maternity photos (I mean seriously people are still making hearts out of their hands over a baby belly? Count us… out for that one), the four of us trekked to Greenlake on an empty, downpouring Sunday to […]

I’m still cracking up about the last phone call we had with Maegan and Justin before we flew to the East Coast for their wedding: “what else do we need to do? We just don’t want to be the clients who do everything wrong that you tell everyone else about as a horror story.” Ok, […]

Our first stop: Toby’s Tavern. You walk in, get ignored by the waitresses, find your seat across from the bar that you swear dates back to the 1800s and before you know it, you’ve got a pound of fresh mussels, some garlic bread, and a cold beer as you watch the waves slowly roll in […]

Slim odds that Tim’s childhood soccer buddy would move to LA for his big TV break, meet a girl from Seattle (one degree of separation from Laura) doing her fashion thang, and get engaged… but here we are, mirror image Oak Park/Seattle couples, except one pair is EXCEPTIONALLY sultry in front of the camera. Hint: it’s […]

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