My dudes, we are in the thick of wedding season, which means that having an evening for a good old fashioned engagement shoot, taking tequila shots with new friends in one of our fave neighborhoods, is just what the doctor ordered (the doctor has lost her license but that’s neither here nor there- where was […]

When Lina first spotted Brian across the room, she thought: “My dream guy. Tall, dork and handsome.” We started their shoot with champagne at home and ended it on the top of Rattlesnake Ridge (luckily Lina brought exactly four mandarins, which prevented almost sure death on the way up because damn Rattlesnake ain’t joking around) […]

Rob and Julie crossed paths at a wedding many moons ago, and boy had his dang heart set on her. Julie is the kind of girl who’s so pretty you kind of don’t want to look straight at her because it makes you feel a little shy, but her personality is the equivalent of a […]

Micaela and Billy met in high school when they snuck (sneaked?) out of the house on a fateful night eight years ago/fell in love/dated all through college/now they’re getting married and we’re the luckiest to be a part of their day, because high school sweethearts who actually work out are like a modern day rare endangered species […]

In Seattle, we never ever cancel shoots because of the weather. In Chicago, if we kept the same policy, we might die. But in between snowy days that I’ve never seen in the PNW before, when the city shuts down for holiday and you have the run of the land all to yourselves, you gotta […]

Yo dudes. There are some shoots that I scurry home and edit and then make thrusting motions all over the office for three days because our couple was JUST. TOO. DAMN. GOOD. Not trying to be overeager here but after Natasha and Doug’s engagement photos in good old Georgetown, I went home and made a paper chain countdown […]

Well folks, we found out that there are multiple Panama Cities, and that apparently one is in Florida. No offense Floridians, but that’s hard pass when places like Casco Viejo in the ORIGINAL Panama City are up for grabs. Katy and Eric told us they wanted to meet us somewhere in the world this year […]

Colin was off on a hike when Kristin first realized she was in love with him. It was a dark and stormy… day, so the story goes, and Colin was getting soaked deep in the Enchantments while Kristin looked at the window at the rain and worried herself sick. When he finally got back to civilization, […]

Slim odds that Tim’s childhood soccer buddy would move to LA for his big TV break, meet a girl from Seattle (one degree of separation from Laura) doing her fashion thang, and get engaged… but here we are, mirror image Oak Park/Seattle couples, except one pair is EXCEPTIONALLY sultry in front of the camera. Hint: it’s […]

If you’re the only ones crazy enough to brave the early Chicago winter and get out of the city a bit, you can have the Morton Arboretum all to yourself. A long, frozen walk with the amazing Laura and Kevin, the first holiday lights of the season and hurrying back into warmth to thaw out. The […]

There’s a magical place far, far away away from all civilization called “West Seattle.” On a late August evening we braved the expedition to the edge of the earth to hang at Lauren and Bodhi’s gorgeous little space in the woods, a short stroll from the beach (AND they have an outdoor Japanese soaking tub, we call […]

It’s been a week, hasn’t it, bebes? We’re feeling world-weary and protective of our neighbors and pretty damn exhausted. So reliving this shoot with our beloved Katie and Caryn was a little ray of light for me this week. It was my reminder that, in the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda (because we just saw Hamilton and […]

Is it just me, or does everyone have that Instagram couple they totally crush on? I couldn’t help but adore Katy and Devin from a distance (it’s not weird that we’d never met before, this is the 90s you guys): their sweet posts about each other, their gorge DC brick loft that they seem to […]

If you’ve never experienced the unique joy of playing a game of “Perfect Guy BUT” with a car full of hilarious people, here’s how it usually goes down: “He’s the perfect guy, but he has a room in his home fully dedicated to porcelain dolls.” -“Not a dealbreaker, because what if his grandmother’s dying wish was for […]

Over the winter, we did a lot of Skyping new couples while we sweated it out in Thailand. We’d be chatting happily with strangers, meeting for the first time online– and hoping they wouldn’t notice that we were in our underwear from the waist down and that my mascara had long since melted off. It was […]

My best friend Marlo is the girl you can call and say “let’s quit our jobs and buy one-way plane tickets for South America” and the next thing you know, you wake up in Buenos Aires to your besty taking close-up portraits of dead cockroaches. The person who will show up to a stranger’s party with mini-shot bottles […]

Let’s get one thing straight: we love your stories. It’s ridiculously fun for us when people actually pay attention to the “tell us your story!” section on our contact form. Sure, you could just say something like “Inquiring about July 2016 availability,” but where’s the fun in that? If we’re going to shoot your wedding, let’s not waste […]

We’d been working on this little number for weeks: makeup artist scheduled, hotel room booked, outfits assembled. We were meeting Sarah and Rob in Chicago from our respective locations of St. Louis and Tokyo, and we had a killa glam engagement shoot all plotted out. We were giddy to finally meet the incredible couple that we’d been emailing […]

Guys, remember when we said that bringing dogs to photoshoots was ZE BEST? Well check out THIS nugget! Ann and Scott were on a little frolic through Greece when bam– a random Turkish guy was like, “hey you guys, this dog needs a home, for reals,” and because they are completely our kind of people, […]

We met Amanda and Vince on the dance floor at a wedding we shot last month. Amanda apparently caught us being nice to each other behind the scenes (Laura still thinks she caught us mid-wedding-day-bicker, but let’s go with “being nice”), asked for a card, got a high five, and a few weeks later, we […]

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