Two of our most favorite people (Coco and G, obviously). We’re thankful for Gaylin, her incredible husband Alastair, their sweet pups, and our champagne tradition. We popped into G and A’s bomb Ballard house this summer to document them in their light-filled new space and toast to the next phase. Except… Gaylin didn’t drink with […]

Two years ago when we dropped it all and left for Thailand, Alana was waiting for us on the other side of the flights with street food and arms flung wide open. She’s lived in Chiang Mai, the darling lil gem of the north, for half a decade now, and the sois and secret spots […]

Hot damn are we excited! Our favorite magazine Rangefinder heard about Lipstick and Libations and did a little feature on this little thang we started. Happy Thanksgiving to all you crazy kids who have taken the Lipstick and Libations idea and gotten your photo on with us… You can check out the online version here! And […]

Claire with the perfect hair. Claire who is at a wedding every weekend because the entire world adores her so much. Claire who can be hilarious and vulnerable all in the same breath. Who stays late at the end of Lipstick and Libations to lay on the studio floor with me, drinking leftover champagne, eating shawarma, […]

There is something so irresistible about Pacific Northwest summers. Even after 4 years of living here Tim can’t stop marveling at how the light just lingers and lingers… you notice it’s 10 pm and still the sunset is clinging to life, breathing its last little sighs as the day stretches on and on. There’s such a […]

There’s an old prison across the street from where we lived in Chiang Mai, abandoned and letting nature take its course. Local artists tiptoe in to leave their mark, Thai jungle bugs make themselves at home, local police occasionally show up with the gleam of bribes in their eye… We call that a perfect free […]

We’re back on American soil, our minds bursting at the seams with all the creativity and beauty Asia had to offer us in all categories. From coffee shops to toilets, there isn’t a single item that we weren’t inspired to see differently and more inventively than before we left. Which is the exact strategy that Lia […]

When your clients bring their bomb stylemaster to their Lipstick and Libations shoot and you can’t resist snapping some shots of him in between his impeccable Beyonce moves. Those eyes will see right through you if you’re not careful… that unflinching gaze is the root of all good portraits. It was love at first sight for me with […]

Yoga photography is an odd beast. Adding an outside eye to a practice that’s inherently personal can feel odd– showoffy, even. The practitioner has to become so generous with her energy that the practice moves beyond herself. Rather than a boasting of physical ability, the poses have to become less about her, and more of […]

One of my all-time favorite Seattle neighborhoods has always been Georgetown. Gritty walls holding Seattle history, low-flying planes, and the best coffee and tater tots in the city– all just south of Sodo. It’s getting busier and cleaner by the week as businesses migrate south to the spacious lofts in gorgeous old buildings, and not to be all […]

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