Sarah’s first email to us felt like a little fairy godmother booped us on the head. She described Davis, her husband-to-be, as “the brightest light I think this world has ever seen,” and anyone who describes their person before they describe their wedding clearly has their priorities straight. Then she told us she was crying […]

Rob and Julie crossed paths at a wedding many moons ago, and boy had his dang heart set on her. Julie is the kind of girl who’s so pretty you kind of don’t want to look straight at her because it makes you feel a little shy, but her personality is the equivalent of a […]

Micaela and Billy met in high school when they snuck (sneaked?) out of the house on a fateful night eight years ago/fell in love/dated all through college/now they’re getting married and we’re the luckiest to be a part of their day, because high school sweethearts who actually work out are like a modern day rare endangered species […]

“Can’t kiss ya too much, I’m playing hard to get” Whit tells Raz halfway through our shoot (the classic line she used when he first hit on her outside a bar). Whit. He’s the father of your unborn child, the jig is up, you two are in it to win it. That bump ain’t getting any […]

Yep, Megan’s wedding JUST hit the blog but I could never get tired of seeing her face so we’re doing a Double Megan Whammy this week. Because guess what. She had a different wedding dress last summer, when we conspired to do this sneaky shoot of her in her original bomb feathered dream.. A last minute […]

After Megan and Neil’s wedding last month, we realized we could cull our wedding advice down to two basics: 1) love each other and 2) find the light. When we showed up to these sweet thangs’ prep rooms (two different floors in a bodacious Pioneer Square loft! How genius) I half-fainted at the floor to […]

Yo dudes. There are some shoots that I scurry home and edit and then make thrusting motions all over the office for three days because our couple was JUST. TOO. DAMN. GOOD. Not trying to be overeager here but after Natasha and Doug’s engagement photos in good old Georgetown, I went home and made a paper chain countdown […]

On Friday, Joss and Ryan said “yep, we do” on the rooftop of the Seattle Courthouse. It was chill, gorgeous, and stress-free, because they were saving their energy for Saturday. Saturday: when 300 of their nearest and dearest converged at Canvas to eat, drink, and drop it like it’s hot. Joss surprised Ryan with the entire […]

I’ve told you about Joss before. This girl is the actual physical embodiment of a lightning strike: you just feel all charged up and staticky once she lands in your life (but like good static, not the kind where you shock someone after you shuffle your feet on the carpet. I’m getting off track already). And Ryan… […]

  You might remember Leah and Brad as the closest thing to the Kennedys that Seattle has on tap. Except the Kennedy family wouldn’t have the kind of wedding where the groomsmen all end up shirtless at the end of the night, or where the private Jewish wedding is followed by a big old ceremony where the […]

It’s been a week, hasn’t it, bebes? We’re feeling world-weary and protective of our neighbors and pretty damn exhausted. So reliving this shoot with our beloved Katie and Caryn was a little ray of light for me this week. It was my reminder that, in the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda (because we just saw Hamilton and […]

Claire with the perfect hair. Claire who is at a wedding every weekend because the entire world adores her so much. Claire who can be hilarious and vulnerable all in the same breath. Who stays late at the end of Lipstick and Libations to lay on the studio floor with me, drinking leftover champagne, eating shawarma, […]

There is something so irresistible about Pacific Northwest summers. Even after 4 years of living here Tim can’t stop marveling at how the light just lingers and lingers… you notice it’s 10 pm and still the sunset is clinging to life, breathing its last little sighs as the day stretches on and on. There’s such a […]

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