Wandering into the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center is stepping into the modern day ruins of old Texas: all sandy stone and climbing ivy and agave plants, a place to return to again and again as you find new paths and new plants defying the odds; growing sturdily in the Texas heat. New paths every time […]

Sarah’s first email to us felt like a little fairy godmother booped us on the head. She described Davis, her husband-to-be, as “the brightest light I think this world has ever seen,” and anyone who describes their person before they describe their wedding clearly has their priorities straight. Then she told us she was crying […]

Avid travelers will tell you that you have to take at least four forms of transportation to get anywhere interesting. Simply getting somewhere interesting is one thing, but getting 150 of your nearest and dearest to take the trek with you, now that’s outright audacious. Audacious is a fitting word too, since Ashley and Susana’s […]

“We’re just Riles and Beaz, trying to make our way in this world!” BRB, laughing forever. When you squeeze your bride at the end of the night and tell her how overflowing your heart is after a wedding day with her and the amazing crew she and her hubs surround themselves with and she responds […]

Yep, Megan’s wedding JUST hit the blog but I could never get tired of seeing her face so we’re doing a Double Megan Whammy this week. Because guess what. She had a different wedding dress last summer, when we conspired to do this sneaky shoot of her in her original bomb feathered dream.. A last minute […]

After Megan and Neil’s wedding last month, we realized we could cull our wedding advice down to two basics: 1) love each other and 2) find the light. When we showed up to these sweet thangs’ prep rooms (two different floors in a bodacious Pioneer Square loft! How genius) I half-fainted at the floor to […]

“I like the music of his voice.” Texas belle Jessi. On her way to see her French husband to be Baptiste for the first time on their wedding day. We’re in the car murmuring about all the ways that love becomes a little miracle when you had to cross oceans and geography and culture to […]

There are some little crises that being a full-time wedding photographer brings on in my darker moments. I get a little panicky that I’m not photographing refugees as often as I used to, not sharing the big personal stories that pulled me into photography in the first place. Like, is another photo of bridal flowers […]

I can’t help that I cry at everything. Usually during weddings, I’m so focused on getting the shot right that I don’t let myself sit still long enough to get weepy (not like my normal life, when I cry with equal unhinged abandon at Microsoft commercials and the old lady across the street getting her […]

For 99% of weddings we shoot, there’s this moment before the first look when Tim has one person all ready and I have the other person all primed to go tap them on the shoulder to say hi for the first time, and I whisper something like “take your time, it’s just you and your Person […]

My best friend Marlo got married to her man-piece (Tam-piece?) and let us wear Reformation bridesmaid dresses and Tim photographed the thang and we drank too much wine and cried a ton and danced with a spandex-clad bride and sang karaoke at the corner bar when it was all over and seeing my best friends happy […]

We’d never been to St Louis, but Sarah promised us we would love her city. She acts as a one-woman cheerleading section for her scrappy adopted town, and sure enough, we fell in love right alongside her. After their rad engagement shoot last January, we knew the devil was in the details for Sarah and […]

The islands off the coast of Washington are absolute perfection. Coming from Chicago, where all land is totally flat for miles, the fact that a place exists with snow-capped mountains, pristine beaches, and dense forests still blows my mind. Kari and Ben got married at the exact same place we shot our first wedding (her […]

I’m still cracking up about the last phone call we had with Maegan and Justin before we flew to the East Coast for their wedding: “what else do we need to do? We just don’t want to be the clients who do everything wrong that you tell everyone else about as a horror story.” Ok, […]

Our first stop: Toby’s Tavern. You walk in, get ignored by the waitresses, find your seat across from the bar that you swear dates back to the 1800s and before you know it, you’ve got a pound of fresh mussels, some garlic bread, and a cold beer as you watch the waves slowly roll in […]

On Friday, Joss and Ryan said “yep, we do” on the rooftop of the Seattle Courthouse. It was chill, gorgeous, and stress-free, because they were saving their energy for Saturday. Saturday: when 300 of their nearest and dearest converged at Canvas to eat, drink, and drop it like it’s hot. Joss surprised Ryan with the entire […]

I’ve told you about Joss before. This girl is the actual physical embodiment of a lightning strike: you just feel all charged up and staticky once she lands in your life (but like good static, not the kind where you shock someone after you shuffle your feet on the carpet. I’m getting off track already). And Ryan… […]

  You might remember Leah and Brad as the closest thing to the Kennedys that Seattle has on tap. Except the Kennedy family wouldn’t have the kind of wedding where the groomsmen all end up shirtless at the end of the night, or where the private Jewish wedding is followed by a big old ceremony where the […]

Late one early October night, an email landed in our laps… We had been on the road for over a month, shooting weddings in several states, sleep-deprived and full of inspiration and already feeling like this year was one of the best of our lives. Tim and I were in a small town in France, […]

“We’re obviously getting a Prince impersonator.” (That’s the first detail Chip and Karyn told us about their wedding.) “I think we’re going to rent the Olympic Sculpture park… Maybe the whole Seattle coastline. We’re going to invite everyone.” (That was number two.) “We’re actually thinking about getting married in Provence during Moveable Feast. We’ll elope!” […]

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